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Vegan Bags, Shoes & Clothing

It will naturally be important to buy vegan, if you are vegan, but it can be a good choice for others too. Research shows that meat production has more of a negative impact on the environment than car manufacturing.

V is for Vegan


Vegan fashion is growing as a niche market and lifestyle choice, as people turn away from leather and meat industries and their devastating ecological effects. it's easier then ever trying find stylish vegan shoes and boots, below left.

Vegan boots as sold by Fashion Conscience

Vegan Bio

What is Vegan?

Vegan and vegetarianism usually relate to people who have made the choice not to eat meat and or wear meat by-products or use any animal or animal-tested by-products. Some make the choice based on animal rights or religious issues, or it could be dietary.

Increasingly people are turning to vegan diets because of the vast environmental impacts the meat and leather production industry has on the globe, such as pollution and climate change.

Why we love Vegan at :
We love the opportunity to support and showcase designers working creatively in this niche fashion field. We have been only impressed by their ingenuity in finding and working with alternatives to leather.

More about Vegan at :
We support labels working at the design forefront with leather alternatives, such as Vegetan, Lorica, canvas, and pleather and patent leather.

View the key to our symbols page to find out which icon denotes that an item is Vegan.

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